Dec 5th, 2023: SLEEK x Charlie Stein – Talk

Torstr. 1, 10119 Berlin 7-9 PM

SLEEK editor Christian Bracht and artist Charlie Stein take a joint look into the future, exploring the development of the art market and the future of digital art in the form of NFTs. They also raise questions about the authorship and authenticity of art.

Charlie Stein describes herself as someone who never actually wanted to make art but had no other choice. Her talent is evident in her works, which combine a futuristic aesthetic with a romantic visual language. At the core is always the artist’s reflective perspective on depictions of women and the interplay between technology and humanity.

Karin Deckner & Charlie Stein Conversations about Pandora’s Box: Artistic and Sociological Perspectives on AI

In the wake of the contemporary leaps that Ai-based applications are making and their ever-deepening penetration into all areas of life, this seminar aims to address these interfaces. Referring to the question whether Pandora’s Box has been opened with these technologies or whether we should rather trust to advance to Pandora’s Hope (Latour 1999) we want to question current positions in art and science on this topic.Seminar with Dr. Karin Deckner und Charlie Stein at UdK Berlin.

Charlie Stein – Like Burning Snow

14.09.2023 – 19.11.2023

Like Burning Snow is the carbon copy of its twin exhibition “Memories Like Hurricanes”. An exhibition that was riffing off the possibilities of AI technology and presenting a speculative future in which current AI debates were rendered into oil on canvas paintings.

ChatGPT was rendered a concerned poet, announcing a storm of artificial super intelligence brewing on the horizon. The paintings displayed however, still draw from personal experience and intuitive aesthetic choices by the artist. In the oxymoronic presentation conceived solely for Kanya Kage, we now see a juxtaposition between AI-aided imagery and depictions based in manual visual research of the past. As visitors remain uncertain, perhaps speculating which of the works are more or less influenced by technology, a parallel is drawn to the critical junctures of art history where the rise of a new technology previously disrupted the status quo. Like Burning Snow invites us to just soak up Stein’s vivid imagery and luscious brush work, contemplating clues and traps alike.